Growth Acceleration

Atlas Growth Co is a division of Seedz, entirely dedicated to the acceleration of revenue growth by the reinforcement of a company’s potential for durable growth.

This division of Seedz helps clients to define and implement the impact strategy which will be required to launch the organization to new heights by accelerating its growth, efficiency and profitability.

Revenue Growth

  • Changing the process of treasury management

  • Optimization of operational spending

  • Rationalization of total payroll

  • Minimizing production costs (COGS)

“We implement the impact strategy required to launch your organization to new heights!”

Digital Transformation:

  • Identify, recruit and train specialized digital talent;

  • Alignment of the brand / marketing / omni-channel;

  • Synchronization of the strategy of operational processes;

Cost Optimization

  • Take count of the flaws pertaining to faulty processes, tools (manuals or not sync) and Talents (misused or toxic to the company);

  • Identify and take count of the duplication of processes and reports;

Business Model Transformation:

  • From retail to wholesale, from wholesale to retail, all the way to an omni-channel organization;

  • Relocating production to offshore facilities;

  • Drop-in shipment & 3PL;

Transitional Leadership (C-Level for the duration of the transformation)