Operations & People Transformation

SEEDZ envisions People as the source of operations.
Operations and People are two sides of a single coin, representing the balance required for a company to progress harmoniously.

As such, the organization must have had the foresight of choosing its People, placing them in key roles, acquire tools adapted to their industry for organizational purposes and to have developed rigorous business processes, targeting maximum efficiency.

The SWAT Seedz Co, is your ally in integrating innovative solutions!

We will conduct a GDE&I audit, we will create a road map to successfully implementing Diversity in your organization and we will convert you to the Pay equity compliance.

Seedz helps organizations to tackle the challenges of Change Management during thepreparation phase of any implementation of technological tools (ERP, CRM, HRIS, ATS, Payroll).


  • Business analysis and rapid transformation proposals to maximize the organization’s value;

  • Adopt new business models to make your company more competitive;

  • Quantitative and qualitative objectives for sustainable growth;

Business Performance:

  • Optimization of Business workflow;

  • Modernization of the production chain (Import, Export, Warehouses, Production, Distribution, Planning, global transport, etc.);

  • Risk Management;

  • Loss & Prevention;

Business Transformation

So if you’re ready to grow


  • Technology Research : CRM, ERP, HRIS, ATS…;

  • Gap analysis;

  • Change Management;

  • Alignment of processes, data standardization;


  • Mapping : Define a role which suits both the organization and the individual;

  • Succession Management, OD, Training;

  • Digital transformation of HR (Analytics & data);

  • Payroll, Pay Equity, Salary Scales;

  • Internal Culture & Communication;

  • Outsourcing;