The 7 Steps Protocol

Inspired by the most efficient intervention systems of the SWAT teams, we have perfected a Seven steps protocol that can turn your already existing assets into strategic weapons, and empower you with the right tactics to actually use those weapons towards achieving your growth.

Our interventions are modular and realistic, and our results quantifiable. Since our exit date is included in our action plan from the outset, we leave you with the know-how and practical tools that will allow you to continue your growth.

We firmly believe that Strong, sustainable business growth comes from an effective plan, proper execution, analysis, and adjustment – That’s why we tailor the most effective solution to foster your growth.

Our experts will be happy to answer any question you might have, so don’t hesitate to book a strategic call right away!

Business Transformation

So if you’re ready to grow

Steps of intervention :

Seedz has developed a unique intervention protocol, organized in 7 steps

  • Diagnosis: We conduct an in-depth study of your company’s challenges and needs. It will set the milestones for our KPIs (Performance Indicators): we present you with the mapping of your company at the beginning of your mandate and the ideal objective portrait of change. This analysis will then allow us to propose a concrete and modular action plan.

  • Nxt 100 Days plan: The change is built on a momentum: it has 100 days to make its engagement tangible. After that time, it is too late. The Nxt 100 Days plan triggers the change process and blows up old patterns and problems that no one dares to address anymore. It is time for cleaning and building on new foundations. Modular in scope and sequential in time division, the Nxy 100 Days Plan represents a clear and transparent roadmap for future initiatives.

  • Swat Teams Injection: Seedz Experts are integrated into the various hot spots to take charge of your teams, support managers and drive change from within the company. In the meantime, our strategic communication unit will assist you in harmonizing the merging of teams and the commitment of the various stakeholders to the transformation project.

  • Strategic withdrawal: Our teams are withdrawing at the end of the 100 days to assess whether this first phase of change is solidifying or whether further adjustments will be required. This withdrawal also provides an opportunity to take a step back and assess the effects of the changes on the company as a whole, as well as the company’s ability to be autonomous in a process of Change.

  • “Pivot” Plan: This is the pivotal time: we analyse what lies within the change process, identify what still needs to evolve, polish and solidify what has been built and continue to modify what remains twisted. It is also the time to review the initial KPIs and redesign (if necessary) a new one change/stabilization plan to achieve our objectives.

  • Grip Deployment: This is Seedz last team intervention: the PODS will be deployed to finalize the latest changes and stabilize the new structure put in place. It is also a time to observe how changes integrate and drive the company’s growth. At this stage, the customer must be able to already feel the positive effects of the changes and renewed growth.

  • Enduring change: After the final withdrawal of our SWAT, we offer the customer punctual and customized services (according to specific needs) to stabilize his new structure and consolidate the changes adopted.

    The 7-step protocol has proven its worth and has several advantages. It allows the client and the various stakeholders to understand at all times the stages of the transformation and the reasons for each initiative. As the milestones for identifying results are clearly established, this leads to enthusiasm and faith on the part of all stakeholders in this change process. In accordance with our AGILE philosophy, the protocol allows for adjustments and adaptation to unforeseen circumstances. Not to mention that the objective of client empowerment is constantly affirmed.