Our Commitment

Growth, Acceleration, International: your team, our playground!

In the wake of any period of Growth Acceleration, in preparation for a sale, in the integration of a new acquisition, or before pivoting their business model, all organizations must undertake a preparatory phase which consists of the optimization of its operations and in updating its Talents knowledge and technological tools.

As the world becomes smarter and more demanding in its needs, developing a competitive advantage revolves around efficient strategy implementation. However, statistics demonstrate that 70% of transformations fail.

And while it seems easy to dissect a failed strategy to understand how it leads to failure, the difference between growth and stalling is the businesses’ abilities to decipher data, analyze it, and use it to create strategic opportunities.

For SEEDZ, Gender, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (GDE&I) is not just a concept nor a must do compliance. GDE&I is a true quantifiable and qualitative added value and therefore, it is integrated in all our mandates.

“We are continually refining practices and methodologies to elevate our partner’s organizations over and beyond expected outcomes”

As your consultants, we start by conducting an in-depth study of your company’s challenges and needs so that we set the milestones for our KPIs.

However, our main objective is to build results instead of leaving you with thousands of pages of reports and recommendations for you to operationalize. We proud ourselves on presenting our clients with highly practical solutions, and we’re not afraid of bold innovative ideas.

In addition, all of our actions are conducted on two levels: Troubleshooting and long-term construction so that we leave nothing to chance!
That makes our Interventions realistic, and our results quantifiable.

Here at SEEDZ, we are continually refining practices and methodologies to elevate our partner’s organizations over and beyond expected outcomes.

  • We build results, not recommendations;

  • We are AGILE

  • We adapt to your ability to integrate change;

  • Our teams are multidisciplinary and deploy in SWAT;

  • Our solutions are practical & our ideas are bold;

  • We act on two levels: troubleshooting and long-term construction

  • Our interventions are modular, realistic and our results quantifiable

Since our exit date is included in our action plan from the outset, our objective is to make you autonomous. we leave you with the know-how and practical tools that will allow you to continue your growth.

So if you’re ready to grow, call us!